9 Twitter Tipsters you Probably Don’t Follow But DEFINITELY Should!

9 Twitter Tipsters you Probably Don’t Follow But DEFINITELY Should!

Here at Panel HQ we like to think we have a pretty well defined approach to betting. We tip purely based on what the data and statistics are saying and leave it up to you to decide if you want to bet on it, how you want to bet on it and your method of betting.

This is why we don’t run challenge bets, £10 – £1000 etc, encouraging you to get on every tip we post, only to build up a big pot and lose it all – make your own decision on when to cash out. And, this is also why we are not affiliated with a bookies who pay tipsters when their followers lose a bet (counter-intuitive right!?). We simply ask you to use us as guidance for bets you place and of course give you suggestions on how to use these tips to make money (See Case Study 1, Case Study 2)

Now, this is our methodology and it works well for what we are all about, but we also appreciate some of the other guys out there doing good things (as you’ll see – especially the ones who back up their tips with statistical reasoning!). Everybody knows the big boys: FootySuperTips, AndyRobsonTips, LandofInPlay (mostly affiliated and doing challenge bets!) but below, we have picked out some of our favourites with < 40k follows who we think are doing good things with our reasons on why you should give them a follow! We have not added any performance analysis as it is unfair to take a snapshot of tips for a specific period – we all have bad runs and there are good Twitter comparison guys out there too doing that over a sustained period

1. @sportssuperior

Simple but effective. Somehow, like us, these guys have less than 5,000 follows but their tips are always reliable. No over-zealous celebrating and no fuss when they get an occasional loss. Pinned tweet always show their overall performance and if you know us by now, we love transparency and we love stats! 

2. @inplayman

If you like good tips and you like good humour this is your guy! Ok, he has just over 40k followers (outside our criteria) so you may already follow him but that was a recent milestone. He’s another tipster we have followed for a long time and another that produces good quality tips – usually all day long. The thing we like about InPlayMan is he will follow up a tip with three or four replies giving solid, statistical reasoning for his tip. Word of warning though – don’t ask him silly questions because he will slaughter you and we will laugh at you along with him! His humorous tweets always give us the giggles – even when he had a semi-meltdown after some idiot’s review. From what we have seen, this guy will rapidly rise to over 100k followers before he knows it!

3. @GoliathTipping

The Tim Vickery of the tipster world! Goliath regularly tips throughout busy football days but one real USP is how many notifications I wake up to from them! So if it is your Brazilian League you like, we don’t think you’ll find a better tipster for the #ThroughTheNight America’s markets. Additionally, “Not affiliated/All P&L tracked” is Goliath’s description – the kind of tipster we like!

4. @insiderstennis

It’s not just football we think you can win on, tennis can be just as profitable. But you need a guy that knows his Felix Auger-Aliassime’s from his Kenny De Schepper’s. We have found this guy! With InsidersTennis, from Hamburg, Germany, you’ll win more than you’ll lose. Their P/L stats are pinned to their page so you can see just how they perform.

5. @cornersbychris

CornersByChris is to corners what we are to 2ndHalfGoals. He’s found a market he is good at and sticks to it. There is nothing better than being on one of his tips during a drab 0-0, only to celebrate every corner like a goal!!! He produces a paid for service called #TheSheet that gives good advice on how to to make longer term winnings, with lower odds. As with most our favourites, he is transparent with profit and loss sheets available online.

6. @HarrysSportTips

When you’re having a bad day on the football tips, change the channel to SkySportsDarts (Pretty sure they should create this channel!) and get on Harry’s darts tips. You can get decent value on the darts – especially the tips he posts and when they win, you’ll be screaming at the TV as  if you were at Ally Pally!

7. @MOTM_Tips

This guy we have come across fairly recently. A lot of their tips are saved for paid VIP service but they are another that utilises stats and data when tipping and monitoring their own performance. They don’t pick out too many losers and are reliable on the BTTS and over goals markets in particular. Full P/L sheets are posted regularly. Definitely worth a follow, even if it is just to utilise the free bets they post.

8. @naughtytipsters

Looking for a higher return on your bets? This is your guy. Tips at 2.00 or better so obviously more of a risk per bet than some of the longer term, shorter odds tipsters. He posts a combination of free tips and members tips and is open with winners, losses and win rates. Also, he is not shy about his success so don’t let his over zealous arrogant tone annoy you – he has earned the right! Good quality, good odds and importantly doesn’t encourage brainless betting. Give this guy a follow!

9. @gamblingpanel

Yes, we are arrogantly adding ourselves to the list. If you are reading this, you probably follow us anyway. If not, we currently specialise in the over 0.5 goals market for matches that are 0-0 at halftime. We have a server running 24-7 crunching Inplay and Pregame stats and AutoTweeting games that we think there will be a 2nd half goal. When you are waiting for tweets, you can see what our server is tracking on our website and we run a weekly stats page showing our performance. We also produce our most likely Home Wins, Away Wins, Both Teams To Score, First Half Goals, Over 1.5 Goals, Under 2.5 Goals each day (MemberZone – coming soon) all automated and purely based on stats.