Current Matches

As of 18/12/2017 10:35:02

This is where you can see the games currently being tracked by our server. We generate BetScore as the second half kicks off and tweet to @gamblingpanel if it is over 50%. The top table shows the current 0-0s and the BetScore (if the game is in the 2nd half). The middle table shows the current matches with a goal already the BetScore (If in the second half). You can use this to judge other bets. The third table is games untracked by our server.

Current Tracked 0-0s

HomeTeam AwayTeam Mins BetScore

Current Tracked Games With a Goal Scored

HomeTeam AwayTeam Score BetScore

Untracked Games (No In-Play Stats Available)

HomeTeam AwayTeam Mins Score
Elaziz Belediyespor Kızılcabölükspor 33 1 – 2