Form is temporary, class is permanent…

Radamel Falcao being the prime example of this – completely shite at United and Chelsea, yet pulling up trees for Colombia and Monaco! Luckily unlike Radamel, The Gambling Panel haven’t ruptured any crucial body ligaments, resulting in a two year drop in form – it lasted a week, at most.

The international ‘break’ seemed to come just at the right time. Time to reflect, regroup and turn the form around. After recent weeks of consistent Green ticks, last week had seen more Red crosses than a Catalan polling card. Show me a tipster that doesn’t have week’s like this and I’ll show you a liar (or a bloody amazing tipster!)

I look at weeks like this as ‘character building’… Much like unwillingly donating your lunch money to the school bully on a daily basis or sitting with a grade 8 hangover through a Christening. You come out the other side a much better (much poorer) man. The important thing is to remain pragmatic, don’t go chasing. As tempting as it is to have a lumpy bet immediately after Sporting & Porto fuck you over, don’t. Stay true to your philosophy*, as luckily with The Gambling Panel, the next winning run is just around the corner.
*Unless your philosophy is to have lumpy bets on everything – then continue to go nuts…

I say international ‘break’ in inverted commas because as you know, The Gambling Panel breaks for no-one. Estonian division two – yeah we’ll cover that. New York City v Pyongyang – Yep, our server will wear a helmet to this political nightmare. TOWIE XI v Geordie Shore XI – Actually fuck that – even our server’s aren’t getting involved with that nonsense… But for the most part of it, The Gambling Panel is a 24/7 worldwide entity.

I try and use my blog as a forum to answer any common DM’s we’ve received in recent weeks (obviously difficult sifting through actual questions and all the tit pics…). A common comment I hate almost as much as Michael Owen hates films is:

‘Watched my eighth ever film on the flight home. Must have been bored. #HateFilms

— michael owen (@themichaelowen) October 14, 2014’

“How can you count the last tip as a win as the goal was scored when the price was terrible?” Or words to that effect.

– This is quite easy, it counts as a win as it won. Our stats are based on wins for the Algo not wins at reasonable times or prices. As great as it would be to only have winners at 2/5 or more, from the 60th min onwards, with our model this just isn’t possible. It automatically tweets when our data source updates their stats – sometimes causing a small window between goal and tweet (prime example being this afternoon with the two U21 games!).

As mentioned in the previous blog, The Gambling Panel’s MemberZone is right round the corner – with uninterrupted Panel access and a whole host of new and exciting features. At a one-off small fee for lifetime access, you’d be a fool to miss out. You’ll be supping on champers or avolattes (latte served in avocado skin – an actual thing) courtesy of The Gambling Panel in no time!

Just 4 more days to go until proper football returns and with form on the up, lets hope we can string a run together going into a superb weekend of football (see below)!

Bar keep… 4 more beers please!

Liverpool v Man U
Juve v Lazio
Roma v Napoli
Atletico v Barca
Inter v AC
Derby v Forest…..